Wednesday, 25 January 2017

17 Things In 2017.

I have just had a week off and I'm now back at work for a long few weeks before a few extra days off again. I've been doing a lot of thinking, I know oh goodness this is not good, but hear me out. We are already at the end of January and I feel like I've just gotten over the Christmas and New Year rush at work, so I've got more time to myself to focus on what I need to. My point is, I will not let this year pass me by and I'm not achieving anything. I truly want to make this year count, so here is a list of 17 things I want to do to make 2017 count:
  1. Lose a Decent Amount of Weight
  2. Move Out
  3. Take a Weekend Break
  4. Make a Scrapbook or two
  5. Make an Inspiration Book
  6. Go on a Spa Day
  7. Go on a Cooking Course
  8. Have a Monthly Update Blog Series
  9. Go to all the Zoos
  10. Make a Travelling Bucket List
  11. Make a Movie Bucket List
  12. Go on the London Eye
  13. Be more Creative and make more Gifts
  14. Host a Dinner Party
  15. Write a Letter to Myself to open in the Future
  16. Go to Paris, preferably Disneyland Paris
  17. Save Money - have a damn good budget and stick to it
So there we have it, a list of things I would like to achieve this year. As part of my New Year's Resolution, these are very much about me, but are also experiences that I would like to share with Phil.

I want to make all the memories in 2017.

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