Monday, 2 January 2017


Yesterday, I gave you a 2017 post outlining my goals! I wanted to go into a bit more detail about them and how I intend on achieving them, as we all know, some goals aren't always easy to achieve.

I also posted similar goals last year, which you can read here, however I focused on other goals which I didn't share and it is fair to say that I achieved a good amount so I want to continue that into this year.

I've seen a lot of stick being given to people who are setting New Year's Resolutions, like are you being serious? It is no one else's business if you want to set Resolutions nor if you want to share them on social media or your blog. People are clearly jealous that they do not want to share or have their own New Year's Resolutions. You Do You.

I've set myself 5 main goals for this year, which I introduced here:
  • I really want to lose weight. I am so aware of health problems I might get in the future if I carry on the way I am. I won't lie, the first couple of days have been difficult as my body is so used to getting so much more food and I know it will get even worse before it gets easier, but I am so damn determined to do it, and I have the most supportive people around me, I cannot thank them enough. If I keep telling myself that I enjoy healthy food, I will start to right?! The plan is a smoothie for Breakfast, which I do find is actually enjoyable and it is filling enough. A Salad or Smoothie for lunch, I do prefer a salad as I'm actually eating and I can pack it full of protein, either Tuna or Chicken. Then a healthy dinner, lovingly made by my parents. Since the whole family are taking part for at least January, it means that we're all eating a healthy dinner together and also to motivate each other too. What are your top tips for losing weight?
  • Moving Out has been the goal for some time now so I am slowly putting away money to do this. It also seems much easier to do with someone else and also way more fun. Coming from a bit family, it would just be odd to then live on my own. Plus I'm massively fond of Phil, so that's a bonus.
  • I am so so bad at Saving Money and a lot of the time it is one of my biggest worries when it doesn't need to be. I am setting myself clear goals on how much to save and when so that I actually do it, along with moving out and going on all the trips I have planned.
  • I am very dedicated to my Blog, I want to put in a good effort this year with it and regularly post, I have got plenty of ideas for blog posts and I can feel myself getting more creative, instead of being straight to the point and not actually saying much! So expect some cracking posts soon!
  • I am terrible at Me Time, I could watch Netflix for hours but it seems like such a waste of time. I want to be blogging or exercising, both things that are for me. I've set out a timeline for the day in my Bullet Journal that is colour coded, so I can accurately track my time and know how I am using it. I'll let you in on a secret, it's mostly work and sleep. But for those few hours I'm not doing either of them, I'm doing pretty well at being just to carry that on for the foreseeable future!
I am very much someone who will Treat Every Day Like a New Day. Like if I have a bad eating day or an unproductive day then the next day is a new day and I can start again so it isn't all that bad!

Have you got any motivating tips? And do you have any New Year's Resolutions of your own?

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