Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 2017.

Oh my, just call me the worst blogger ever. I really want to make March about blogging and studying, two things that make me oh so very happy. But so much has happened in the past month that I just had to fill you in! So here goes:

I went for a run. Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is a big deal. I am so self conscious of going outside to exercise and go for a run, but I thought hey, let's do it, I've lost a few pounds already, why not mix up your exercises and go for a run? Do you know what? It was great, I felt amazing, I felt like I had accomplished something and I didn't lose a huge amount of time compared to when I was running last year, so let's do this.

A big one for me is that I submitted my first assignment! You can catch my February study update here, which will tell you all about what I've been studying with Open University. I submitted my first assignment last week, it was a good one to get started with and has the lowest weighting of the assignments over the next few months but I am still dreading the results! Even if I have scored lower than I had hoped, I will be taking on board the feedback and making sure I ace the next one! Fingers crossed!

Phil and I went to see Worst Wedding Ever at Salisbury Playhouse in the middle of February. It was such a good play and is something that we would love to do together more often. Worst Wedding Ever was hilarious and had us laughing from start to finish!

You may, or may not, have noticed I have a lovely new banner! With the gold and pink and glitter, it kinda just screams me, that and the fact it literally says Adele Louise Smith. I am completely in love with it, Jemma from Dorkface designed it and she did an amazing job! Plus she put up with me asking for all the little details, so for that she deserves a medal...!

Last but not least..I'm going to Disneyland Paris in less than 5 weeks! Phil and I decided we wanted to do something over my birthday week and Disneyland was on this list. We found a pretty good deal for 4 nights and 5 days in the park so we just went for it! I am beyond excited, so stay tuned for updates on the planning before we go!

Ok so not a huge amount happened, however I managed where I work pretty much by myself for a fair amount of the month, and I would say this is a success in itself! I'm still here and still going and I'm blogging!

I'm going to do a little round up of what I'm hoping to achieve in March, so stay tuned!

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Worst Wedding Ever at Salisbury Playhouse

Last week, Phil and myself were invited to see Worst Wedding Ever* at Salisbury Playhouse. It was an evening we had free so of course I instantly said yes!

The play was all about Rachel and Scott having big plans to do what every couple wants to do, have the house, the jobs and of course that big wedding. However, as we all know, life is not quite like that, and they just did not have the funds to have the all romantic and big wedding. Rachel's Mother steps in and takes charge to make sure Rachel has that wedding she wants. The brilliant plan is to have the family all come together and do their bit to put on the wedding. Hopefully the day would pass without a hitch...in their dreams!

[Press Photo] I am secretly in love with this dress!

The story line was great, something that everyone can relate to. I personally haven't planned a wedding, however the family aspects I definitely could! It was real, possibly one of the most real plays I have seen, they had written it exactly how family works. Yes, they all love each other and want to make the day special for Rachel, but every family has disagreements and arguments, so it was relatable for all audience ages. 

[Press Photo]

This play is laugh out loud funny, as many of the reviews agree, it was hilarious. It had a simple set but that's what made it brilliant. It was largely based in the back garden of the family home, and they had a live band throughout which truly made it for me, playing some absolute classics had Phil and I singing along. The costumes for the actors and actresses were also a perfect fit, it really helped to get to know the cast that way.

[Press Photo]

On a side note, Phil and I have now been to see Aladdin and Worst Wedding Ever at the Playhouse and we have had amazing times both nights, we have even said that this is something we should do more often, it's such a different date night and to go and see something we would both enjoy is such great fun.

Worst Wedding Ever is on at Salisbury Playhouse until the 25th February, and I highly recommend going to this hilarious production!

*I kindly received press tickets for myself and a guest to see Worst Wedding Ever

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

February: Study Update

It is official, I have been studying for about a month now and I have been really enjoying it so far. I want to share Study Updates with you all, most likely on a monthly basis, so I can tell you all about how it is going and what it is like to study part time while having a full time job!

  • Time - this is one that I am struggling with the most. I have to use my time wisely and I can be so tired after work that I can't concentrate on studying which is mega frustrating. So on my days off or the odd evening that I do actually feel more awake I have to get on with studying instead of blogging or Netflix.
  • Getting Back Into It - obviously I studied at school but that was going on 6 years ago. I also did a couple of years at uni but it was the wrong time for me. So I have really had to make an effort to crack down and study as I am ultimately doing this for my future.
  • Courage - at uni I was terrified of going to lectures and tutorials but this time I have had to get up the courage to do the tutorials. Granted they are online and only 2 hours once every other week but it was still quite scary doing my first one.
  • First Assignment - it is such an odd feeling doing an assignment but it also isn't how it was when I was studying before, I can take it at my own pace but obviously have it in by the deadline. I am still yet to write it so I am a little nervous and it will take some getting use to but it will be such a relief when I have completed the first one.
  • Rewarding - I get a great deal of satisfaction from doing this course and I am definitely feeling the benefits from it. I am learning something new everyday and I can use it in my job and day to day life which is so rewarding.
  • Productivity - I am finding myself being much more motivated and productive. I know I said time was a challenge, and it most certainly is, but the time I have got, I am using wisely and being so productive in the allocated time frame. Not only with studying but organising, bullet journalling and blogging...or at least attempting to!
I am truly enjoying learning again and for anyone debating it, I highly recommend it. I think the challenges I am currently facing can be overcome with practice and finding something that works for me.

I am so excited to see what the future holds!

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

If you told me this time last year that I would actually be spending Valentine's Day with someone I love very much, I would probably have laughed at you, but, things work in mysterious ways and well, here I am, planning a special Valentine's Day with Phil since we both took some time off together and a always, I have a fair few surprises up my sleeve.

I thought this would also be a great time to share some great gift ideas, some of which you could use for any time of year and I may have also dropped some subtle hints in here while I'm at it!

I am sure that this is not the first time I have mentioned the FUJIFILM Instax Camera as a gift. I think it is absolutely perfect for a gift as you can make so many cute memory photos with the camera.  You'll be able to take photos of all your adventures and then have a keepsake of them too. It also comes in the cutest colours ever.

HP Sprocket Printer
Oh my gosh, isn't the HP Sprocket Printer the cutest little thing you've ever seen. You can connect your phone to the printer via Bluetooth to print out all the photos you have been taking. The printer does not use ink so there's no hassle with that. It's also so handy to carry around with you so you can print out pictures on the go. I also love the fact that you can put sticker paper in there and your photos are printed onto that.

Experience Days
I am slightly biased on this one, as I want to have all the experiences this year, but this would be something for the couple to do together, you could both head to the spa together or take a cookery course together or something completely different and learn a new skill together.

An easy one, go into Pandora or somewhere alike, and pick anything, thank me later.

Flowers & Chocolate
If you don't go all out for Valentine's Day but want to make a gesture of some kind, pick up a bunch of flowers (I've heard Tulips and Roses are a good choice) and a box of good chocolate, she will be sure to appreciate the thought.

It's the simple things really.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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