Friday, 17 February 2017

Worst Wedding Ever at Salisbury Playhouse

Last week, Phil and myself were invited to see Worst Wedding Ever* at Salisbury Playhouse. It was an evening we had free so of course I instantly said yes!

The play was all about Rachel and Scott having big plans to do what every couple wants to do, have the house, the jobs and of course that big wedding. However, as we all know, life is not quite like that, and they just did not have the funds to have the all romantic and big wedding. Rachel's Mother steps in and takes charge to make sure Rachel has that wedding she wants. The brilliant plan is to have the family all come together and do their bit to put on the wedding. Hopefully the day would pass without a their dreams!

[Press Photo] I am secretly in love with this dress!

The story line was great, something that everyone can relate to. I personally haven't planned a wedding, however the family aspects I definitely could! It was real, possibly one of the most real plays I have seen, they had written it exactly how family works. Yes, they all love each other and want to make the day special for Rachel, but every family has disagreements and arguments, so it was relatable for all audience ages. 

[Press Photo]

This play is laugh out loud funny, as many of the reviews agree, it was hilarious. It had a simple set but that's what made it brilliant. It was largely based in the back garden of the family home, and they had a live band throughout which truly made it for me, playing some absolute classics had Phil and I singing along. The costumes for the actors and actresses were also a perfect fit, it really helped to get to know the cast that way.

[Press Photo]

On a side note, Phil and I have now been to see Aladdin and Worst Wedding Ever at the Playhouse and we have had amazing times both nights, we have even said that this is something we should do more often, it's such a different date night and to go and see something we would both enjoy is such great fun.

Worst Wedding Ever is on at Salisbury Playhouse until the 25th February, and I highly recommend going to this hilarious production!

*I kindly received press tickets for myself and a guest to see Worst Wedding Ever

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  1. This sounds so good, I love going to see smaller independant shows at the theatre!

    Kirsty Leanne


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