Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Sticker Haul!

If you follow me on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ya know in case you were wondering #shamelessplug), you will probably know I am Sticker obsessed! I mean it, I have so many now that I have to have them in a folder but I am potentially looking at changing up this storage! If you didn't realise, I use these stickers in my Bullet Journal to decorate and highlight plans. The reason I use stickers is because I am not very creative. You may think it is lazy but I love putting them on the page, as not only is my Bullet Journal a diary, it is also a keepsake that I will keep for years to come. I love how clean stickers look on the page compared to my odd doodles!

From Bits of Stationery I got the Social Sticker Sheet which can be seen above and the name label you can see below. I do not have any stickers like these Social Stickers whatsoever! I would have to put parts of stickers together or draw them out myself, which as I mentioned doesn't always go to plan! I thought I would see how I get on and obviously reorder should I need to. I particularly love the Date Day sticker and also the Coffee Date, both of which Phil and I do regularly so it will be nice to show this in my Bullet Journal. I had been lusting after the personalised foil sticker for a long time and I finally got it when Bits of Stationery was last open. It has pride of place in the front of my Journal and I must say it looks so good. I also want to quickly mention how cute the sample sticker sheet is! It is personalised and comes with stickers I will use, I have so many sample sheets from my orders now that I am trying to use them all up before I order more next month.

My most recent purchases from Ickle & Co are the ones above. The minute I saw the Beauty and the Beast stickers, they went in my basket on Etsy, I am completely in love, I have already booked the cinema tickets for next Friday which means I have some space in my journal to use these stickers! I also got the Finding Dory Tsum Tsum stickers as it was the last sheet at 60p, bargain or what?! I then grabbed the flags as I have recently started using these and I like how it works in my Bullet Journal. The little sheet in the corner is the sample sheet I received and I believe this is the one for the whole of March, it is Easter themed which is super cute and I would never have thought to put the Spring Forward sticker in but I definitely will now!

These last two pictures show the stickers from two other purchases I made from Ickle & Co. They include some regular purchases such as the Inside Out Tsum Tsum characters and the checklist flags. I use both of these on a regular basis, with the checklist every day when I can! I then also got some more of the glitter stickers she does, such as the coffee cups and the laptops. I use the Laptop stickers every time that I blog, so I know how often (or little...) I do blog. And I am yet to use the coffee cups but I thought it was cute for when I got out for coffee with friends! I cannot justify the Frozen Tsum Tsum stickers, but just look at how cute they are!? And lastly, I got the old style Movie Sign Stickers, there are lots of movies Phil & I want to see this year so I thought it would be a nice way to document that in my Bullet Journal, the stickers are much bigger than I thought though! This little cutie in the bottom corner is the sample sheet for Ickle & Co (was The Ickle Blogger) for February I believe! I have just dug this out again and I will definitely be using them as I love the colours on the sheet.

I came across these Pokemon stickers from Sticker Sunshine in the "Etsy recommends" part of Etsy, I can't say I have ever used them but eventually I may do a Pokemon themed spread so that I can actually use them!

My favourite Etsy Shops:
Ickle & Co - As you can see from the stickers above, I am a bit obsessed, they meet my every need and I love her glitter functional and decorative stickers, which are mostly the ones I own!
Bits of Stationery - This lovely girl has incredible foil stickers, like the Rose Gold name sticker I had wanted for ages. You will have to turn notifications on as she gets so many orders she can only open for a short while at a time. I was lucky enough to get some last time!
Dook Plook Designs - I have several sticker sheets from Dook Plook Designs and I have a couple saved on Etsy, in particular a birthday themed sheet!, that I plan to buy before the end of the month. If you want bright stickers that will stand out, this is your go to!
Panda Planning - I cannot recommend on the quality of Panda Planning as I am yet to place an order, but I do love her stickers, she has rose gold ones! Again, I have several saved and while I think these are affordable, I can't quite justify more this month, however they are 100% on my list next month!

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