Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Geekiest Haul Ever.

At the beginning of this week, Phil & I took our monthly trip to Southampton to go shopping. Plus we needed some new things for Disneyland Paris next month (or I did anyway), I ended up buying some pretty cool Disney clothes from Primark, some Comic Books (woah did not see that one coming) and some collectible figures. I simply had to share my good finds!

First stop was Lush, controversial opinion but I was not impressed this time. I honestly could not find anything that took my fancy, there is normally a lot of new things but since they are yet to release their Easter range there wasn't very much there, so I was disappointed on this visit. Instead we bought Phil some Dirty Springwash shower gel which has now become a favourite of his and we got him a small bottle to take to Disneyland with us.

Second stop was Forbidden Planet, twice, the first time I went in, I picked up a Beauty and the Beast Mystery Mini and I was so proud of myself to only pick up one! They are the cheapest I have found in Forbidden Planet and I could easily have gone for two, but you know, money and all. If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I got Mrs. Potts which I was over the moon with! I also picked up a Disney Mystery Keyring, I went for the range that had the Disney Princesses and Mickey and Minnie. I got Cinderella and I was so happy about this! 

I then wandered off to Primark to let Phil have a proper look, but I was done before he was, not something I saw coming that's for sure. So I went back in while he finished looking, and to my surprise I found a Riverdale comic. I had never ruled out getting a comic completely but I didn't expect to find this. The first Riverdale comic is a one off and apparently once they are gone, that's it. Ok, sold. Turns out there is a Graphic Novel too. At this point, I was sold on that too. So here I am, having bought my first Comic and Graphic Novel. About Riverdale. Best thing ever.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for, Primark Disney clothes! I am sure that you have seen all the Beauty and the Beast Primark Clothing floating around. I was desperate for the PJs and Socks. It was pretty much the only thing I wanted but much to my disappointment and not at all surprising, it had completely sold out in Southampton. I am totally ok with that (I'm not), I wanted new PJs as I have just had a clear out, so I went for these Princess Brunch ones. I like how simple they are and that they are very plain, unlike the Mickey and Minnie ones I found! It didn't actually have a matching top, so I just got a plain pink one from the T-shirt range. 

Instead of Beauty and the Beast socks, I found Toy Story ones. We are staying in the Hotel Cheyenne which is the Toy Story themed hotel, plus we are looking forward to the Buzz Lightyear ride, so it was a no brainer. 

I was then dead set on getting a Disney top to wear during the day, I honestly did not have any idea what I wanted to get, I just knew they did some. I picked up this classic Mickey Mouse one. I knew I would get tempted in Disneyland and they would not be so kind to my back account, so if I already have one then hopefully I can avoid the massive costs! 

On a not so Disney note, I also picked up this seriously cute long sleeve purple Peplum Top, I loved it as soon as I saw it! I also got a grey sweatshirt as it will probably get really cold in the evenings watching fireworks and we do not have time for that! 

I also picked up these hair ties. I am obsessed with these and I tend to grab some every time I got in Primark as they are so cheap. I find that they are not nearly as harsh on my hair as regular hair ties, and they don't snap every time I use them. Lastly, I found this cute Cinderella Tote Bag, again I really wanted the Belle one, but I love how this one has two different sides to it!

Have you found any good shopping finds recently?

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