Saturday, 8 April 2017

March & April: Study Update

I had every intention of doing a March Study Update, but time sort of got away with me and I’m slightly behind with my blog posts.

Anyway, I have been studying away, with all the tutorials and keeping up with the work while working full time, I cannot say it has been easy. March went much better for studying as I had some time off, I’m now currently a couple of weeks behind due to getting ready for Disneyland and then actually going to Disneyland, along with a couple of other more important things to deal with, however I am coming up with a little plan to get back up to date and will be spending the majority of my days off coming up will be spent catching up.

I have just finished a block on ‘Working in Organisations’ which I personally really enjoyed. It was based on job selection, composing job descriptions and how to recruit for said jobs. It has definitely opened my eyes on a different view of business, it’s something I have recently had to deal with in my job and I must say that it has given me an insight into a potential new area that I would one day like to go into. I was always dead set on wanting to go into Marketing but I think what is great about the module I’m studying at the moment is that it covers all the broad areas of Business, therefore I am able to get an insight into all the potential areas that I might one day get a career in. While I don’t particularly have a lot of experience in these areas, I am working full time in a job that will give me experience in all of these areas. No, it’s not the best experience but it is experience nonetheless and I can really tell my knowledge is expanding daily and weekly and it is so rewarding too.

At the end of the last block, I had an assignment to do, I chose a job description to write about and assess the types of recruitment that could be done for it. I loved it and it definitely paid off as I got 93%, a mark I never thought was possible! It is safe to say I doubt myself too much as I did achieve it and I am so proud of myself for doing it! I haven’t achieved that high a grade since my GCSE’s I think, that’s going on a good 8 years now (what a scary thought!). While I have said I am slightly behind on the work now, getting this incredible grade has motivated me to strive for the success I truly want. I will crack down and study away and get the good grades that I want.

I sometimes feel like I am not really studying, that I’m just gaining this knowledge in my spare time, it’s an odd feeling, one the I can’t really describe. I am sure that I have mentioned before that this is finally something that I have chosen to do for myself, to do everything I possibly can to further my career and strive be successful in the future to provide for a home and a good life. Those dream holidays, that cute little home and the little luxuries. Who knows what the future may hold!

I have really been thinking about my future the past couple of weeks and thinking about what I would want in the future, and it is time to put these plans into place.

This has been a long rambling post, my bad.

Watch this space!

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