Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Long Time No See

Hello, hello, gosh has it really been two months already?! That is quite shameful on my part. I have always said that I don't want to apologise for not posting on my Blog, as it's mine and I can choose when to post or not. But I do apologise, this has certainly not been intentional whatsoever, nor will I be going in to details why as it's not my place to disclose. There are reasons why I haven't posted and I have prioritised being with loved ones and sorting lots out!

I am pleased to say I am back, woo! I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, and I do want to get more of a routine with blogging as I absolutely love the writing aspect of it. I think there is always so much drama going on in the world of Blogging, and it's such a sad thing to see. Please don't forget to keep up with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Where Have I Been?
I have done so much in the last two months, it feels an absolute whirlwind and has flown by completely, I honestly cannot believe it is June already. Most importantly, I went to Disneyland! Oh my goodness, it was incredible, there are reasons why it could have been a happier time but Phil & I completely loved our time there and we desperately want to go back at some point, but saving to move out is taking a priority at the moment. We have hopefully decided somewhere to go on holiday next year, I need to get saving like crazy!

What Have I Been Doing?
What haven't I been doing more like? I have been working like crazy, and studying. Yes! So I have been really focusing on studying, since my last topic in this module was so rushed, I am trying to keep on top of it this time for the current topic, as I have a little longer to do the assignment, I am currently trying to familiarise myself with the assignment so that I can get another good grade. I got 80% in the last assignment, how is beyond me but I clearly said the right things! Doing Open Uni has not been easy with working full time but I know in the end it will be rewarding and I hope to be able to get some work experience of some sort in before I finish so that I have some experience to go into the job I need.

What Is New?
I think the most important change I have made in the past couple of months is to go back to Slimming World, I tried at the beginning of 2016 and could not get my head in the game. I am so determined this time, I am wanting to improve my health and that essentially starts with the food and eating habits. I have pretty much prepped every lunch and dinner in advance so far, and I am still learning what is going to work for me. And I do think that is what I needed to realise, this is not going to happen overnight, I noticed changes quickly but then I went easy on myself and realised I couldn't be like that. Yes, it is a learning curve, it is not a straight road and I will not be losing the pounds by the minute or hour, it will take time. I'm just under a stone off in a little over a month, but I feel better, my health feels like it is improving by the day, and the times I do slip up, my body screams at me for it! I'm so glad I made the decision to go back, and I'm so looking forward to the journey I'm going to take. 

What Else Have I Been Up To?
I have had my first anniversary with Phil, and we did what we do best, went to the Zoo! We absolutely love Marwell Zoo and it was such a lovely day, they are doing lots of new enclosures so we can't wait to go back next year to see them all.
I also made a trip to London on a spur of the moment with the family and we went to one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants, Barbecoa, it was such incredible food! I would definitely recommend it.
I've also continued with my Bullet Journal and I really want to do a blog post on it soon!

What To Expect Now:
I am hoping to be more engaging on Social Media, links can be found above and below the post, and to post on my blog once a week. It is a start as I still have so much I am doing, for example studying, so while I work out the right balance it will be little to start with.

Enough about me, how are you? What is new with you?

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