Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Preparing Car & Car Tyres For The Summer Road Trip

For those of us that work in Retail, summer holidays aren't always something we do, particularly for me as I now work in kids stores that means summer holidays are an absolute no go. Therefore for me, I go on a lot of road trips and day trips! So making sure I am prepared is always essential!

I am normally relatively prepared when it comes to taking journeys in the car. I always make sure I have items such as water and a spare jacket in the car, just in case of getting stuck in traffic in the warm weather or the unfortunate case that I get stuck later at night when it is colder or even break down when it’s cold! As well as sunglasses, in case it is mega sunny out!

I always try not to over pack my car, the chances are I will only have myself and one other person when driving but I am aware of other trips being made this summer that there are more people in the car, so I will be trying not to have too much in the car that will make the load too heavy.

Allergies can be around a lot in the Summer, and triggered by many things, therefore it is best to talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist if you will be taking lots of trips. You can stay safer in the car by having mats down that you can clean regularly and also change and clean the air filters as it is likely you will be using air conditioning a lot!

In case you have tyre tread below the legal limit, change your tyres ASAP, there are multiple ways you can buy tyres online. Many companies allow you to book tyres on their website. Point S is one such company, you can easily buy tyres online from Point S website

I think it's always important to be aware of the dangers of driving in the summer too. Particularly exploding tyres which can happen when your tyres are under-inflated and this in turn causes too much friction with the road, leading to overheating resulting in your tyre exploding. The best way to prevent this happening is to check your tyre pressure regularly! Also make sure that there is no wear and tear on your tyres, check the tyre tread- you can perform the 20P test to make sure tyre tread are within the legal limit, Find out how to perform this test here

Secondly, in the summer heat, your engine can also overheat which can cause you all kinds of dramas. If you notice your car overheating, then the best thing you can do is pull over and turn your engine off for a short while so it has time to cool down before carrying on with your journey. 

I will definitely be taking all this into consideration for the road trips I will be taking this Summer!

*this is a sponsored post, sponsored by Point S

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