Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Journal To Make You Stronger

As you may know, or you certainly could have guessed it by now, I'm a big fan of journals. Any kind will do!

I recently received a journal aimed at men, called the Mindjournal*. I wanted to share it here, and there will be a male opinion later on, so bear with me. 

I personally believe writing is a great outlet for letting out how you feel, and I have so much written that no one will ever see, it is purely there so I can write down how I feel and it is always a relief to have let out those positive or negative thoughts, it's a weight off my shoulders for sure. It has made me quite an honest and open person, and I don't have much of a problem telling people how I feel, take that how you want! However, I do know for some people this is not always the case and exactly why I wanted to share this journal, Mindjournal, with you. 

Ollie Aplin is the man behind this journal. He reached his target on Kickstarter within 72 hours and eventually tripled his target, and I can completely see why. Ollie used his own personal experiences as well as extensive scientific research and his design skills to create Mindjournal.

In the journal is a unique framework made up of 3 core stages and 30 writing exercises. Something like this is absolutely genius! It takes you through every single stage, talking you through experiences, why you might be writing in the journal and why you started to begin with! I really liked that with each of the writing exercises, there are words, phrases and questions to trigger your own thoughts. That way, you might think about it deep down, but it takes that one word or question to trigger it all and the words just come flowing out!

The Mindjournal is intense but it has been created to strengthen the mind. Very much like eating healthily or exercising is very important, mental health is just as important now. Each section and each writing exercise gradually allowing the writer to open up more. In the end, the writer will find new ways to tackle day-to-day stresses, difficult emotions and the rollercoaster we all know as life.

In recent research, it has been confirmed that men are more likely to suffer from common mental health issues but are less likely to open up about them, something I wholeheartedly believe is true. As Mindjournal has been created, Ollie wants more men to open up and hopefully change their lives. 

Phil's thoughts:

The Journal is very well thought out with triggers to help you to write and while some of it I felt didn't really apply to me right now, most of it did and it was great to have some sort of order in my routine instead of everything being crazy.
There are 30 tasks or entries in the journal and although it doesn't say anywhere that you should do one entry a day instead of blitzing through it, I have chosen this route to space this out and really think about what I want to write. 
Overall it is a great little journal and aid for those who are just feeling a bit lost with themselves in any aspect of their lives really, a lot of people shun writing as an outlet for whatever reason but trust me, this really did help.

I think Mindjournal can help so many men out there, whether they believe they have any mental health issues or not. Writing it an incredible outlet that can help so many people!

What do you think of Mindjournal and writing your thoughts down?

*This book was kindly gifted by Penguin Random House, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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