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Twelfth Night at the Salisbury Playhouse

It has been a few months since I have been to the Salisbury Playhouse with Phil, it's actually one of our favourite things to do as a Date Night and now we are going twice in the space of two weeks! 

I want to start off by saying Twelfth Night was well and truly incredible. Quite honestly it is not something I would have picked to go too myself but Phil and I thought it would be so good to try something different and I am beyond glad we did. Phil and I did not really have any expectations, I had previously heard good things about Twelfth Night but this well and truly exceeded expectations.

[Photo Credit: Salisbury Playhouse

When we walked in, the atmosphere was incredible, they were already playing Jazz music and one of the actresses was about to sing while others were asking some of the audience to dance on stage with them. I must say I was very relieved when they didn't ask me, not quite my thing! However, it was a really nice touch and it really set the scene going into the performance!

Phil and I both loved that it was a modern setting, while the still wore clothes from slightly older time, I did find it more relatable and easy to follow.

Since it is so relatable, it would appeal to practically everyone and anyone, those who absolutely love Shakespeare and newcomers like us, it's been a good 10 years since either of us has looked at Shakespeare but it was so good to see. On that note, it would be great to inject some life into Shakespeare for those studying it in English at School, as we all know it can sometimes get a bit tiresome.

[Photo Credit: Salisbury Playhouse

The storyline really got me, I actually knew nothing beforehand but I easily followed it, it is basically a massive love triangle, Viola is in love with Orsino (the Count) who is in love with Olivia who falls in love with Viola dressed as a man trying to get to Olivia for Orsino! God it? Good, let's continue!

There is a brilliant plot twist that truly stole the show for me as I do love a happy ending! You'll have to watch it to find out!

However Malvolio stole the show for Phil with his rendition of Royals, which I will agree was amazing, and his scene of being tricked into wearing yellow stockings.

Maria - Victoria Blunt
Malvolio - Peter Dukes
Olivia - Aruhan Galieva
Viola - Rebecca Lee
Antonia - Emma McDonald
Feste - Offne Okegbe
Sir Toby Belch - Lauryn Redding
Orsino - Jamie Satterthwaite
Aguecheek - Mike Slader
Sebastian - Stuart Wilde

[Photo Credit: Salisbury Playhouse

The Actors and Actresses performing from the Watermill Theatre are so incredibly talented at what they do, I highly recommend seeing a performance if they are in your area!

I would like to thank the Salisbury Playhouse again for allowing us the pleasure to see another fantastic performance, it was truly an incredible evening and the atmosphere was great!

Tickets to Twelfth Night are available here, and the performance is running from 20th-24th June.

*Tickets were kindly given by Salisbury Playhouse for this Press Performance

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