Saturday, 5 August 2017

English Daisy from Yardley London

Hello! I am back with another post for Yardley London*. Following on from my blog post a few weeks ago on their English Freesia products which I completely fell in love with. I am now back with a second blog post but on their English Daisy* fragrance! As mentioned in my last blog post, the lovely company behind this are Yardley London* who have been producing perfumes, bath and body products using the delicate fragrance of English flowers since 1770. 

English Daisy is part of Yardley London's Signature Fragrance collection, along with other Scents but I have always like Daisies. They are so pretty and sweet, and the large ones you can get are stunning! The English Daisy is a fresh, dewy and elegant scent which is so Summery and perfect for this time of year as we go into Autumn (yes, I am well and truly wishing for Autumn already).

There are top notes of fresh green leaves and apple over heart notes which is a combination of hyacinth and white rose over a base of sandalwood and musk. The top notes come through as the initial impression, with the heart notes coming through after 5-10 minutes and the base notes come through after 1 hour.

Daisies represent loyal love and innocence and this fragrance was inspired by Kate Middleton who absolutely loves Daisies, and I can totally see why!

Part of the English Daisy range is an Eau de Toilette, very much the same as the English Freesia range too. It comes in an adorable little bottle which is round and has the name simply written on the front. It comes in the sweetest yellow and white spotty box, again simply with the name written on the front, and for 50ml it is £19.99.

The second product as part of the English Daisy range is the a luxuriously moisturising Body Lotion, which hydrates the skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and rehydrated. It has that lovely refreshing English Daisy scent so you have both products to leave you smelling incredible all day long! This 200ml bottle is £6.50, bargain!

The Yardley London range can be found in Boots, Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco's, Argos and online at 

The other fragrances in the Signature Fragrance Range are: Jade, Kiri, Polaire, Hermina, Royal Diamond and Royal Pink Diamond. These can also be found online at Yardley London. 

*These products were kindly gifted by Yardley London, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Cute Home Furnishings

As some of you may know, my one goal at the moment is to move out with Phil. We have both gotten new jobs so the plan is for early next year to move in together!

This does mean I am on the look out for cute things that we can put in our home. Dandelion Interiors* recently got in touch and I am completely in love with the light* I received from them. To me, it is very Beauty and the Beast'esque, very similar to the Glass with the Rose underneath but instead with lights! I don't currently have a bedside table but I know when I do, this will certainly be going on it. It is so much brighter than you would imagine too, as you would not think that some fairy lights would be this bright, but they are which is amazing! You can find all of their lights here, I wonder if Phil would let us have a Chandelier...!

They also have some stunning mirrors on the Dandelion Interiors website which can be found here, I have quite a simple one in my bedroom at the moment but I really like it! For me, I way prefer simple statements rather than completely out there with lots of detail all over them and things poking out! I could completely change my mind one day and really want a statement mirror! But for now I am in love with the gold and bronze mirrors that can be found on the page above!

Clocks are not something I have always gone for, I don't have a single clock in my room, unless it is digital, as in on my phone or laptop but I have been considering getting one more and more, and when I have my own place I definitely want one that I can put on the wall. I really like the idea of one with Roman Numerals on it, in either black or gold, can we see a theme here? I also noticed some cute stand up clocks on their website, which I am definitely tempted by.

What I love about the Dandelion Interiors website is the amount of quirky products they have on there. It is so nice to see a website that has products that are completely different to anywhere else and the chances are you won't be able to find them anywhere else either. It has definitely made me consider what I would like for my home, and I can't wait to make the decisions with Phil when we get to them!

*This product was kindly gifted by Dandelion Interiors, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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