Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Happy Planner Sticker Haul

I have recently ditched the Bullet Journal (only very slightly, I am still doing a separate one), and have gone for a Happy Planner, something I have wanted for quite some time. I bought mine from Suzy Stick It, and she has a whole section dedicated to the range which you can find here.

Naturally I needed more stickers, and since there was a Christmas in July sale for some of my favourite shops, I bought some Christmas & Not so Christmas related stickers, that I simply had to share with you!

First up, I purchased a few bits from Rachel at Bits Of Stationery. I have been a fan of hers for some time, she opens once a week for a certain amount of orders, she is that popular! Fortunately she stayed open for quite some time for the Christmas in July sale so I placed myself a small order, for just a few bits that I wanted. Her packaging is so on point! You can tell instantly that it's an order from Bits Of Stationery as soon as the envelopes come through the door, I love it!

My most recent order came wrapped in Bits Of Stationery paper, wrapped in some pretty white and gold string with a sherbet stick too (Phil got this one, because I'm a top girlfriend..). It's honestly the little things that make all of the difference. Every order comes with a complimentary sticker sheet, the one at the top in the picture, I absolutely adore the summer print of the Planner sticker and the fact it is personalised. I am all about that personalised stuff, then people know its mine and mine only!

The second sheet that came with my order as complimentary was the Planner Girls sampler, this is something new Rachel has created and my gosh are they creative! The sampler includes one of each girl, doing different activities and then two extra. Rumour has it she is creating many more and also ones your can personalise! Keep an eye out to see what is coming soon!

On to what I actually purchased from the shop, these cute little Halloween stickers, a good range of everything. This one is Autumn and Halloween Events, so there is plenty to keep me going throughout October - for Halloween Parties, getting sweets, decorating pumpkins and other exciting things to do! The stickers are all of good sizes, not too big and certainly not too small either which can sometimes be the case when you aren't sure how big stickers come out! I love these, roll on Autumn!

Lastly, from Bits of Stationery again I grabbed a couple of Christmas sheets. As soon as Rachel released spoilers in her Facebook group, I knew I had to get them, and since I didn't know when I would get a chance to place another order, I grabbed them while I had the chance. First of all I grabbed the little Gingerbread People and Houses, which are so sweet, they are little which is exactly what I wanted, so if I have a Christmas activity or just generally want something to fill a gap, these are absolutely perfect! Secondly I grabbed the Christmas Drinks Sticker Sheet. With Hot Chocolate and Candy Canes, I really cannot wait to use these!

I then placed an order from Fantasy Designs Store, someone else I have been following for some time and I finally had more of an excuse to purchase some of her stickers. The first set I chose was the Neverland Set which you can obviously see is based on Peter Pan, I mean omg look! It looks so magical and I think the navy blue with stars is so cute. I honestly cannot wait to pop this in. I am thinking I will pop this one in for November, as it's quite dark, it will be perfect for Winter! Plus I have some amazing metallic pens that will write over it so nicely.

The second kit I ordered was this Princess Christmas Kit, again with some of my favourite Princesses on, it's safe to say this will be used over the week of Christmas. As surprised as you may be, I probably won't be going overboard with Christmas kits like this for the whole of December, and I will hopefully use some more Wintery kits instead to not overwhelm myself! But who am I kidding, I could be far too excited for Christmas that I want more like this! I will decide in a few months time.

Last but most certainly not least, I have these Christmas Countdown stickers, with some of my absolute favourite princesses on there, I couldn't resist, it actually starts from 4 months which means I can start putting them in soon. I may well have been told to stop talking about Christmas already so I will leave it there with the Christmas talk...!

Which are your favourites? What is your way of planning?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Adele, you have some amazing goodies there altogether! Can't wait to see them in your planner 💕


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