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Disney Sticker Haul

I have an obsession, with stickers, it's terrible but I do. Today I wanted to share with you some amazing Disney stickers for my Happy Planner. I previously shared with you another Sticker Haul and a post about my brand new Happy Planner. Which is all mega exciting.

So when Fantasy Designs Store on Etsy, who is mostly dedicated to Disney but also has some amazing other designs as well as some of her favourite films and tv shows, released two new designs, I knew I had to pick them up. Which is exactly what I did!

The first was Moana, so I think that's pretty obvious why I picked this one up! It's Moana themed!! I love the fact that Janine, behind Fantasy Designs, does a smaller kit for the Happy Planner/Erin Condren. With only 9 decorative boxes, some tick boxes and a lot of half and quarter boxes, as well as some decorative stickers - this kit is absolutely just what I need. I feel like I'm not one to completely fill up my pages in my planner, as I wouldn't actually have space to write which defeats the point of how I would like to use it.

I have filled up my Happy Planner with sticker sets until the end of October so I imagine I will be using Moana for a week or two in November along with my Peter Pan set which is slightly larger than this one. I may well treat myself to another set if Fantasy Designs releases one more before then that I like. However I will most likely phase into Christmas (yes the C word is coming out, soz) towards the end of November, as you know, CHRISTMAS. This is why I'm wanting to use Peter Pan as it's got a dark blue theme which is quite Wintery. (If you need a reminder, it's here).

Secondly, Janine released a Little Mermaid themed kit. I mean, look at Flounder! I was umm'ing and ahh'ing about getting this kit, not because of the kit - it's stunning, but because of money...ha that went well. (I had a discount code and they were reduced as they were a new release anyway). The reason I went for this kit was to go with a mermaid themed one I had put in for September. The colours all go together and I just love how it all looks together.

The amazing designs for both The Little Mermaid and Moana are amazing, sometimes I wonder how these girls do it, but Janine has certainly excelled herself again! Not one kit is the same and I got two different styles of stickers in the Moana kit and Little Mermaid kit, for example the characters and adulting stickers respectively. It just makes it more different and mixes things up, I think if they were consistently the same then it would take the magic away for me!

I am sure that I have mentioned before, but the quality of the stickers from Fantasy Designs is amazing! They absolutely never disappoint and are always cut exactly where they need to be. It's definitely things like this, and of course the mega speedy postage from when I make the purchase, that make me want to re buy from her!

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, I love the cute little samplers, sometimes I wish Sticker shops would do larger sheets of them, but again that might take away the magic from it! The sample sheet from Fantasy Designs is of course Disney themed and it is adorable! I love the fact that these stickers are always something that I wouldn't normally use, and I love the little Belle reading!

On a little side note, I made a cheeky purchase of this stunning Beauty and the Beast inspired bow. The lovely Amy is behind Wardrobe of Wonderland and was so lovely from the minute I purchased till all the time after that as well. I have every intention of wearing this bow like all  the time! It's handmade, with magic of course, and you can certainly tell how much love and care has been put into  making this bow.

I am always one to support small independent stores. Who are your favourites?

To shop:
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Wardrobe of Wonderland - click here

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