Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Beauty of Bento

I wanted to try a different style of blog today, I have been posting pictures of my Bento Boxes on Instagram, they've had an incredible reaction and I wanted to share it with a wider audience. So here it is! I have a new found love for Bento Boxes, it has ultimately changed my lunches completely and I am enjoying them so much more. It can be quite hard to always put together nice lunches to take to work but this has transformed that, I have had a bit too much Sushi that it's quite expensive so I am trying to find inspiration from elsewhere to change this. Stay tuned!

If you hadn't heard of Bento Boxes, they are a single portion meal from the Japanese Cuisine, over there you can get them out and about or make them yourself, which is what I have done. A traditional Bento has rice or noodles with fish or meat and pickled and cooked vegetables. In both the versions I have done below, I have taken inspiration from the Japanese Cuisine and done my own version with foods I like! I love having it all in one container too, there's nothing worse than having to take tonnes of containers into work or carry them around for picnics!

In the top part of this Bento Box I had Cucumber and Pepper Maki, my absolute favourite, I then had some of the leftover sticky rice with sticks of pepper and spinach that had been cooked for a couple of minutes in soya sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I cheated a little on this one as I didn't have all the ingredients for the chicken and cooked some southern fried chicken I had in the freezer. In the bottom box I had Candy Floss Grapes (check them out in Tesco, however my local ones fly out so fast, it's very hit and miss) and then some strawberries too.

This lunch was more carb and protein heavy, with slightly less vegetables and fruit than I would normally have. However I had this on a day that I was staying late at work, and having the pepper maki sushi at 5pm was just what I needed. In the top of the Bento Box is Pepper Maki and crispy chicken, made with Old El Paso crispy chicken seasoning, so yummy! And in the bottom of the box is Firecracker Rice, made with my Dad's recipe - stir fry the pepper, spring onion and chilli together, then add in the rice and a bit of soya sauce. As well as Salmon, cooked in soya sauce and chilli, my absolute favourite! And also Mangetout cooked in a little bit of soya sauce. I honestly cannot tell you how delicious this was. I've had a move at work this week, which means moving everything in the shop around, so having protein filled lunches makes a massive difference and it was just what I needed!

On another update, I have joined the gym. That's right, you read that right. I've committed to going 3 times a week, on both my days off then one evening after work, as soon as I get my last assignment done which is due in on Monday. It has already had an impact, I lost 1 lb last week, which I am convinced was a combination of eating better and exercising twice that week. It's made me feel tonnes better, it's a great stress reliever, and while I am not doing intense activity, I am getting my heart rate up and it's working. I can't expect myself to be sprinting on a treadmill any time soon, so I am starting myself up slowly and doing a range of exercises to work the majority of my body. I am not saying I am an expert at all, I've taken advice from a number of people and come up with a plan that will work for me.

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