Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Halloween with The Delightful Unicorn


*insert generic "omg I can't believe it's October where has 2017 gone" sentence here*

I have an entire month of exciting blog posts coming your way. I know, I'm spoiling you right now.

If you are following me on Instagram, (and if you aren't, why not? here is a very subtle link drop), then you will have seen my mega exciting news of me joining the design team for The Delightful Unicorn*, and I am so glad Nicki has given me the opportunity. p.s keep reading, there's a lovely discount code.

It is also mega exciting as I get to bring you at least 1 blog post a month sharing some planner goodness!

This month is all about Halloween, I received some gorgeous Halloween stickers and a paper clip. In Phil's words "as far as stickers go, that's all pretty damn awesome!", I will 100% take this as a compliment.

I'm sure I bang on about it a lot, but in the competitive market of Etsy, stationery and stickers, the quality of these products are amazing. I do sometimes find that stickers aren't cut properly and will then rip but I've used all these stickers now and haven't had any issues whatsoever, which makes for a happy Adele. Who want stickers that rip?! Paperclips are not always something I use and I haven't bought any before, but this Witch one is uh-mazing! The effort that must have gone into making these, I can't even imagine! I'd also like to mention she has a beautiful Beauty and the Beast themed Rose Clip which can be found here. Is it payday yet? Because I desperately need it!

On to what I received in the parcel!

First up, I was lucky to receive the Witch paperclip, the detail is stunning and I can really appreciate the hand crafted element of this. The time and effort, not to mention love that went into the making of this is admirable. I am using this to mark every week until November, feeling very festive at the moment!

I then received 3 different sets of stickers. The first is a set of Halloween characters! I absolutely love them, I don't need to have a set theme to be able to use them, so I've used them all throughout my Halloween spread! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, jk it's the Santa, Halloween and Christmas together?! OMG!

The second sheet was a set of purple themed Halloween stickers, these are adorable. I love the little borders, it meant I could add just that touch of detail which makes a lot of difference to my Happy Planner spread, it reminds me a bit of Harry Potter at Halloween! The Witch's Hat and Cat just scream Halloween to me.

The third, and last, sheet has a lovely purple and yellow theme to it. The borders and Happy Halloween were the first I just knew I had to use. I used them to decorate my monthly Happy Planner spread and I love them! Not too spooky but the detail it added was cute!

That's my first lot from The Delightful Unicorn! And I honestly cannot wait to see what delights she brings out next! jk, I've seen sneak peeks, go check her out on Etsy!

Check out The Delightful Unicorn on Etsy here, when you spend £5 you can get 10% off using the code ADELE10 at the checkout! Let me know what you get!

*These products were received from being part of the Design Team for The Delightful Unicorn

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