Friday, 13 October 2017

My Desk Space with Kit Out My Office

For me, my desk space is crucial, I rely on it more than anywhere else in my room/the house, as a space for me to happily blog and study. It's somewhere I can comfortably spend my days off and evenings to get creative and be a bit of a nerd with studying.

One thing I am really bad for is clutter, mess, everywhere, organised mess, but there is still STUFF everywhere. Why?! I couldn't tell you, nor can I tell you how to get rid of it, but this beaut of an office desk from Kit Out My Office* has become home to where I can focus on everything else besides my 9-5 job. 

My Top 5 things that I need to have on my desk, to make it my own, and of course have everything I need to get my tasks done:

1. Laptop - Crucial! I use it for basically everything! Studying, blogging, social media, you name it, I rely on my laptop heavily!
2. Candles - I can't get enough of candles, especially in Autumn and Winter, the dw Home ones from Homesense are my favourite at the moment, they smell so good and I think I may have bought all of the Pumpkin ones so I can't wait for the Christmas ones to come out!
3. Cute Mug - I managed to track down a Chip mug, I honestly love it beyond words, mine is from the Disney Store and it's massive, I haven't had the guts to make a hot drink in it yet, so it's just going to sit all pretty on my desk instead!
4. Notebook and Colourful Pens - An absolute must have for when I need to jot down ideas and also I use so many different coloured pens in my Happy Planner!
5. Diary - I use a Happy Planner which is between A4 and A5, I love it, I made the change a few months ago and I love the freedom that it gives me! However, I am on a spending ban from buying stickers, which is going fantastically!

Those are my top 5 items for my desk. So the desk itself is the UCLIC Engage Bench Desk + Double Drawer in Beech. It's divine, I love it, a lot! It's one of the bigger sizes they do, and I must say it is quite big! However, it suits the purpose I need it for, with a large desk top, there's plenty of room for me to spread out my laptop, notebooks, and study books comfortably and still have room for a candle and cup of tea!

It was also so easy to put together, much easier than any other flat pack furniture I have had to put together before, so I was very happy with that! I love that the two drawers are massive, there's nothing worse than having drawers in a desk that are tiny and therefore next to useless! I've already crammed them full with essentials I need every day.

What is your desk space like?

*This Desk kindly gifted by Kit Out My Office, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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