Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Keeping Safe In The Holidays

Can you believe it's that time of year again? I know I can! I've been out and about in town this week and I cannot even tell you how much I am loving seeing all the Christmas products out in stores. But ya know, that's just me! Big fan of Christmas over here.

We all have some time at Christmas that we need to be out and about and driving to Christmas Parties and Relatives Houses for all kinds of Festive fun. It has gotten me thinking about how I need my car in perfect working order, so here is my advice for you!

My first concern is my tyres, for some reason it always has been! I get terrified that my tyres are going to be below the legal limit or could burst at any point, I always check mine before going on a longer journey and try to do it more regularly. If you are around Dundee, you can get your car tyre fitting in Dundee from Fife Autocentre*. They will happily help you with your tyres!

I also like to have some essentials in the car when I'm travelling, it's likely there will always be a bottle of water and some snacks lying around somewhere, if not I make sure that I either pick some up at the petrol station or take some with me. There is nothing worse then getting caught in unexpected traffic and desperate for a drink! Am I right?

Another thing I do tend to have spare in the car, especially during the Winter season is a spare Jacket or Hoody and a Blanket, I am fortunate enough to have not gotten in a spot of bother yet! However there is always that 'What If?' moment, who knows how long you need to wait for someones help!

The last things that I pretty much always have in my car, is some De-Icer spray for the Windscreen, you know those days where you have 5 more minutes and you end up in a rush? Yeah, for those mornings, because no one has time to sit there for 15 minutes waiting for the Ice on your Windscreen to melt. I also tend to keep some Windscreen Wash with anti-freeze in it, I also don't have time to wait for that to thaw out to use it! 

Those are my essentials for my car in the Winter, what are yours?

*Sponsored Post, as always all words and views are my own

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