Sunday, 12 November 2017

Penguin Pants Stickers

I have something oh so very exciting to share with you today, that's right, more stickers! I have teamed up with the wonderful Penguin Pants* to show you some of their amazing current stock. There is also an amazing discount code at the end so you can get yourself some of her items!

The packaging was so cute and it is exactly what you would receive should you placed an order with Penguin Pants! I love the little paper bag that it came in, it makes it so unique and the little flyers that come with it would definitely be enough to tempt me to go back and look for more!

STOP Planner Time. YES! These stickers are so great, there are some days where I do need to slow down and just do something that I find relaxing and that I enjoy so these stickers would be very fitting for that!

I am still studying and do actually have quite a lot to do at the moment so these stickers are absolutely perfect for me, I can allocate study time when I need to and pop a sticker in to mark that this is what I am doing that day and there would also be enough space for me to write what I wanted to study as well.

I do think these Collect Prescription stickers are cute, I personally wouldn't have a use for them as I don't use any kind of prescription or anything but I can imagine how perfect they would be for anyone that does. Plus they come in two sets of colours depending on whether you prefer brights or pastels!

These Reading and Book Review stickers are adorable! I love everything about them and I've never seen anything like them before so they are definitely worth snapping up. I'm not a big reader but I do know people that are and if they were interested in writing down how they felt about a particular book then this would be absolutely perfect.

Very similar to the Book Review stickers are the film equivalent. What you are watching and then a review! I would definitely get more use out of these than the reading ones as I watch films on Netflix all the time and it would definitely help me to remember what I had watched and how much I really enjoyed it!

It's things like this that really make me wish I sold things on Etsy or somewhere! How adorable are these?! 

These Work Reward Stickers are hilarious, they shouldn't be true but they so are! Some of these definitely apply more than others..! My favourites have to be Joined In With Small Talk, Didn't Swear Too Much and Remembered My Lunch (classic here). To be honest I think I just need a whole sheet of Left On Time stickers!

These Christmas Reward Stickers are my absolute favourite! I honestly cannot wait to start using them, for both the practical and the hilariously funny stickers too. Obviously you have your standard things to do like Wrap Gifts and Put The Tree Up, but there are other brilliant ones like Not So Silent Night and Didn't Lose The Scissors Or Tape (Classic!) and Avoided The Mistletoe. Some really great stickers to add a bit of humour to your planner.

I must say all of these stickers have been so well thought out and are such good quality, I cannot wait to use them all in my planner and no doubt will be sharing with others so they can appreciate how great these stickers are!

There are so many other products from Penguin Pants, from personalised decorations to socks to all sorts of personalised items and so much more. Be sure to use the discount code 10OFFAS for 10% off and let me know what you get!

*This post was written in collaboration with Penguin Pants, but as always all views are my own

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