Thursday, 18 January 2018


Welcome! Oh my, it has been so long since I've posted a little life update, so here it is..

2018 is hopefully going to be a big year. I know it already, there's lots I would like to achieve and I'm not going to lie, because of how public my blog is and I am unsure of who reads it, some things I need to keep quiet for now. However, that's not to say there isn't a lot I can share with you!

While Phil and I would love to go on holiday's and go on trips away, some things need to be cut to save money, so that's what is being cut for now, because we plan to move out this year! We actually went to look at a couple of flats today, and while we found something completely perfect for us, right this moment is not quite the right time, and hopefully a couple of months down the line we will be able to find something similar that we love! We've come up with a beaut little plan that we're going to be working towards in the next few years, like we actually had a full on adult conversation about it...not sure I'm ready to be this much of an adult yet but we might as well give it a go. We're fortunate we've already been offered some bits of furniture by family and we have a lot of the rest figured out, which is enough to put my mind at rest for now.

I have also rejoined Slimming World, for the moment it feels like the best choice to make. Each week I can be held accountable for my weight loss, not that I wouldn't anyway, but it's quite good to go in each week and be able to come up with a plan for the following week. I can't say this week has gone to plan as I would have hoped, I had everything planned out but where I haven't eaten at times I normally would, it has thrown me off a little bit! I am very excited and I most definitely plan to continue going and come up with a plan for the next few days and weeks to maximise my weight loss. I've decided it's best to plan for only a few days at a time, otherwise it just does not happen!

Lastly, Studying and Blogging. Studying has to be my focus at the moment, I've got some big assignments coming up and I am also starting a new Maths module, yes Maths, I can't say it went well last time but this module reminds me of basic A Level Maths so I'm hoping with a lot of paying attention, this one will go well! Blogging is still happening, I haven't disappeared just yet but it's coming along slowly. I have plenty of Blog Posts I want to write, I still have some beaut pictures from my Disneyland Paris trip last year, is it too late to upload those?!

What are your 2018 plans?

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