Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A Little Life Update.

It's been a long time since I have posted properly and I wanted to share a life update - which I feel is just what this blog needs. I do plan to blog more but I am constantly saying that!

A New Job - Again!
I can't help it! The job became available at the end of last year and I dwelled on it for a while as I hadn't long been in my previous job, but wanted to give it a shot and here I am! It was definitely the right move for me as I already feel tonnes better since I have moved jobs. It very much feels like being home, but having gained so much experience in two years since I was last with the company, it feels great to be back! And back with people I worked with before makes the job so much more enjoyable too!

You may remember my previous blog posts about Bullet Journals, momentarily I stepped away from this to try a Happy Planner, long story short, it looked very pretty but practicality wise it just didn't work for me. I currently have about 3 diaries that I use, 1 of which always comes to work with me for my shifts and then if I need to make any notes.

I then have a Bullet Journal that I am using as and when to make lists for all sorts and to also keep track of budgeting and other bits and bobs. It is sort of one of those diaries that is what I make it. I follow so many Instagram accounts and see so many weird and wonderful spreads that can be really inspiring. My new favourite thing to use are some Space themed sticky notes I got off eBay for 99p. I've been using these instead of stickers and dotting them around to fill gaps. Along with Space Washi Tape from Bureau Direct. I am most likely going to share my layouts for these in a blog post!

The 3rd Journal I have been using also takes the form of a Bullet Journal. I have been doing a Journal to support my mental health, in the past few months it took a bit of a negative turn and I wasn't prepared to let it overly control my life. So, I thought the best way to control and manage my anxiety was by channeling my creative side and letting it out that way. I haven't let anyone read this Journal and it is something I will keep for myself and occasionally look back on. I've kept it simple and will be doing a blog post on how I have been laying it out, what I've been using and then what I choose to include in it, without sharing entries! One of my most favourite's so far was for my birthday and I included some photos from Easter Sunday and the day!

I have continued to do a fair amount of crafting recently, I have just gotten some new Disney material to make some Minnie Mouse Ears with which I am so excited to get started on when I finally clear my desk to get my sewing machine out. I am also in the process of making an Anniversary present for Phil which I cannot wait to share how I am doing it and I am considering doing progress pictures so I can share the final product. Pinterest has become my best friend on this recently, I've found lots of presents to make!

I only want to touch on this one briefly, I have been very absent this year and towards the end of 2017, there was far too much going on so I really didn't want to write half-hearted posts. As a friend said, 2018 is shaping up to be a better year already. My aim is to blog once a week, but not on a strict schedule. This blog post is going live today, on a Wednesday, as tbh I just wanted to get this out there. My plan is to post every Monday and I have several posts I want to get written on a whole range of topics. I am still very active on my two Instagram accounts - adelesmith_ and earsareawish

I am not quite ready to walk away just yet!

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