Monday, 16 April 2018

Journal: Page Layouts

Hello! And Happy Monday!

So I touched on it last week that I had started journalling and I wanted to share with you a few layouts I have been using. I am really finding that this is helping me to be more positive and find things to look forward to instead of always seeing the negative in everything.

The first layout that I have been trying out is sort of a mixture of everything, I use a to do list of what I want to achieve for the week and also what I have to look forward to. This is a really key one for me as it is always good to have something to focus on. Even if there is a whole week of work to get through first. I will normally use two double page spreads for 1 week. Using one page to the focus for my week and the other 3 for daily entries. 

I have very much enjoyed using this particular layout as it meant I had a bumper to do list to always refer to and also a list of what I had to look forward to. Always a winner in my eyes as well as keeping up the positivity in terms of what I have going on in the week regardless of anything else!

Positives & Negatives:
+ Having a long list of things to look forward to
+ Being able to refer back to it when necessary
- Too many things on my to do list which can be overwhelming

The second layout that I have been using again uses the same format with one focus page and 3 other pages to write in my daily entries sorta thing. I find that this focus page takes up a bit more room for not as much, however it is one that I do really enjoy using too. I line the edges with Washi Tape and have the dates for the week at the top so I can instantly know what the dates are if I am looking back on previous weeks. 

I really like that this layout has a section to reflect on last week, so I can see the good things that have happened and I can go in to the next week feeling like I have overcome situations and generally feel like a better person because of it! Plus I think it's always nice to see what you've already done and what I want to then achieve next week as a result, as I often have a mega to do list that I will only do half of so that normally leads on to what I want to do for the coming week! Which leads on to what I pop underneath in to "This Week", I do tend to use this for what I have to look forward to, rather than what I'm going to do for the week.

Positives & Negatives:
+ Reflection on last week as a refresh of what happened
+ Positive looking forward on what is to come
- Not seeing what I want to achieve

This layout is one I have only used once, I enjoyed it but I felt there was a slight lack of freedom with it, but I did want to share it nonetheless. I kept it really simple with what I was excited for that week, and in the case of when I was using it, it was my birthday week so there was plenty for me to look forward to. I also wanted to have a bit more space for daily entries that week as I had more going on that I knew I wanted to keep track of and so it did really work for me that week. For me, I would use this again if I knew I had special occasions or for example, when we have our family holiday to Italy this year, I would do something very similar to this one. 

Positives & Negatives:
+ More space for writing and to do's for the day
+ A focus for the week ahead
- No reflection on the previous week

These are the three layouts I have currently been experimenting with, but I am also looking at more of an Art Journal approach as well! Pinterest is full of some many wonderful things!

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