Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Etsy Shop Update!


I have previously written a blog post on the Disney Mouse Ears I was making and the Etsy Shop I opened. It was a slow starter, it always  would be, so a few weeks ago, I got to thinking on (Christmas) presents, don't be mad I want to make as much as I can this year. After stocking up on materials and watching a couple of Youtube videos, I had some success! Much to my delight of course. I then thought these would be perfect to sell (since I had suddenly made so many), so guess what? That's what I did!

They are all listed on Etsy now at EarsAreAWishCo and I have a Facebook page, Ears Are A Wish Your Heart Makes.

Prices are:
Coin Purse/Small Pouch £5
Pencil Case £7
Small A5 Pouch/Makeup Bag £10
Large A4/Laptop Pouch £15

I have currently kept costs low while this is still very much a hobby and very much helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

I mean I do probably have enough on my plate already, but that would be too easy. I love having a finished product and the excitement of getting order notifications come through and being able to send out a product as a result is one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever had. Id I could send them out to everyone, I would but you know, money. It's quite exciting seeing people leave comments and reviews on how much they love their new item too.

I have always loved the idea of having my own Etsy shop but have never quite found my niche or something I can confidently make, until now!

I have an exclusive code for when your purchase 2 or more items you get 20% off, using the coupon code FIRSTORDER.

I am currently adding new products, new versions and new patterns every week, so do keep an eye out!

If you see something you like but would like it in a different size, do let me know as I can cater for that too.

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